DPS at Ecobuild 2008... The ZedStore  

The Zero Carbon House by Zedfactory and Bill Dunster Architects was a full-size installation, stripped back to reveal the anatomy of the building, the design features, products and solutions which combine to make zero carbon housing a reality now.  Visitors were able to tour the entire structure and learn about the materials used, its systems and energy performance as well as the pre-fabricated timber frame panels that made it possible to complete the entire structure in just three days ready for the exhibition! 

DPS has worked closely with ZedFactory to provide the ZedStore... not just a hot water cylinder, but rather the centre of the house's energy system. We were invited by ZedFactory to exhibit the system at Ecobuild as part of a collection of suppliers linked to the Zero Carbon House.

"It is all very well having all this zero carbon heat if it then has nowhere to go. For many years this has held back the harvest possible from solar thermal and hence solar thermal payback. Forming a partnership with DPS we found a like-minded manufacturer able to design heat stores to make the most of the renewable technologies we had sourced."

"These tanks represent a new way of thinking and the first installations are still being monitored. The final results are not yet in, but preliminary results are looking excellent. The current results are promising to vastly improve the payback and hence cost effectiveness of solar thermal systems." 

  from ZedFabric Innovations

The exhibition went better that we could ever have imagined,  and we are grateful to everyone who visited us, as well as to the ZedFabric team who make it all happen. 

Building the Zero-Carbon House inside Earls Court


The Zero-Carbon House on show 
At one point the queue to look through the house circled it completely.


The Technologies driving the Zero-Carbon House  
On one side of the house was located all the technologies that would go into
making it work, including our own ZedStore Heat Bank Thermal Store, 
the Ashwell biomass boiler, and a range of carefully selected solar, wind and insulation products.