Calculators and Tools

From Thermal Integration Limited.

Please note the tools include a number of legacy tools from Dedicated Pressure Systems Ltd.

All products covered in the tools are still supplied through Thermal Integration Limited.


The correct deatils are:

Heat Network Calculator

A tool for analysing the efficiency of a district heating nework. Further Info...

Sytem Designer

The System Designer ( is a comprehensive domestic hot water system design tool, based around the use of the HEATBANK thermal stores. This is our main portal for customers wishing to work through the calculations involved in designing for renewable heat sources, as well as standard types of boilers.

Note: the tool requires you to register before final documents can be downloaded.

Flash Tools

A selection of interactive calculators used in day-today design tasks.

Panex Designer

The HEATBANK design tool we used prior to SystemDesigner. This is a Flash based tool, so will not run on some devices. The beauty of this tool is its ability to generate detailed pre-fabricated systems in no time at all, with the ability to customise designs.

Schematic Designer

Sometimes it is easier to design a system based on layout first.


For calculating the best balance of thermal store size versus boiler capacity to achieve specific load profiles.